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This is the guideline for the self-quarantine for those who have tested positive or become a close contact.


"For Patients with Positive Results"

​結果が「陽性 +」だった方へ








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If your PCR test result is POSITIVE , you will be ordered to stay at home for 7 days after the onset of the disease, you will be given detailed instructions by the public health center.

 Also, if you live with someone or work with someone who is suspected to be in close contact with you, please instruct them to have a PCR test . If there are no symptoms, it is said that the PCR test will give accurate results after a few days, so please instruct them to take the PCR test after a few days. People who live with you are considered a close contact, so  please instruct them to refrain from going out unnecessarily and wait till they are  given detailed instructions by the public health center.  Please use a home delivery service for your daily necessities to avoid direct person-to-person contact, which will help reduce the spread of infection.

In addition, people with underlying diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes, asthma, etc. are said to have a higher risk of becoming seriously ill, but in terms of Omicron, the number of people who become seriously ill is quite low.

However, in rare cases, there are people who become seriously ill, so if you notice any change in symptoms (difficulty breathing, severe coughing), please contact us and we will take care of it. In case of emergency, please do not hesitate to call an ambulance.

Also, if you run out of your medication while you are ordered to stay at home, please contact us so that we can prescribe you some medication


It will be an inconvenient life for a while, but we ask for your kind support in taking care of yourself at home.

​結果が「陰性 ー」だった方へ

"For Patients with Negative Results"



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If you have a negative PCR test, the virus is not found in your body at this moment, but it may be in the incubation period. if you notice any change in symptoms such as fever or sore throat, you will need to take the PCR test again. In that case, please contact us again.

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